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We offer a diverse and highly specialized range of services at Harmony. These include analyses of symptom pathology and in-house consults; full spectrum hormone panels conducted by certified labs; access to our professional network of practitioners; one-on-one health and wellness advocacy, and much more.

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When there's nowhere else to turn, Harmony Health Institute offers an alternative with a shining team of wellness experts who have helped thousands of people just like you looking for answers to their health concerns.

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After years of frustration, what seemed like thousands of doctors visits & dead-end solutions I made the decision to try once more with a different approach. That’s where Justice came in. I was referred to her by a close friend of mine & it has been incredibly eye-opening & for once successful!! I don’t live in Carlsbad or anywhere close to there so I’m very grateful Justice is able to treat her patients remotely & utilizes the use of technology. I’ve had hormonal issues from almost the start of puberty, been on several different types of birth control, countless blood tests & ultrasounds & no one has ever been able to find the root cause of my symptoms & find a healthy solution. The best way I can put it is Justice digs deep, finds the root issue & works from the inside out, rather than just putting a band-aid over it or prescribing you with something that has no long-term solution or fix. She is the most genuine health professional I’ve worked with & really does care about her patients & their health & well being. I’m still undergoing treatment but she has been able to reverse most of my symptoms & restore my body on a healthier more long-term path. Would recommend her to anyone.

The one thing I’ve learned from my experience working with her is patience. Years of symptoms & misdiagnosis within your body isn’t an easy fix & doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow process, but well worth the investment if you truly want to see results & live a happy, healthy life!  Bri M.

Justice is the most genuine health professional I’ve worked with

I had heard nothing but great things about Justice, so my husband and I decided that we had wasted enough time with doctors who seemed to be getting nowhere as our 1 year old was getting sicker. We were so anxious to go to our appointment, and everything from making the appointment to meeting Justice was great and so accommodating! She welcomed us and made us feel so comfortable and asked so many great questions, while also letting us explain all of our concerns. I felt so great knowing we were finally going to get some answers regarding her health! She was able to help her and recommended two completely natural supplements which was even more amazing knowing we could do it all naturally. She proceeded to explain everything and answer any of our questions, while also loving on our daughter who was curiously roaming around her office. It was an overall perfect visit and we left feeling so great and encouraged, knowing our baby was on the road to recovery. Within a day of taking the supplements she was rid of her miserable symptoms. It has now been about 6 months and our little girl is thriving, she still takes the same supplements but can go days without them and be just fine. To know that we finally found the help for her was such a blessing to us. We love Justice and all she did for our daughter, and we will definitely be going back to her with any further issues that may arise in our family’s health.  Moriah L.

Our 1 year old has been symptom free for 6 months after just one visit!

Super knowledgeable! Great resource for all things health-related. For me, a Godsend! So thankful for the direction she has given me with my health.  Patti M.

Great resource for all things health-related.

I have been seeing Justice for over 2 years and her father Dr. Hugh Smith prior to that for a couple of years. I have had high blood pressure for over 20 years. I was being treated by my regular doctor without success, so he referred me to a Cardiologist. I finally got it under control, but the amount of drugs I had to take ( 14 pills per day ! ) was intolerable. After the numbers hit 120/80 the Cardiologist was still not satisfied and wanted it lower. The side effects were unbearable, to say the least, so I decided to seek alternative methods. That is when I was referred to Dr. Smith. We worked on my issues with great success, but don’t think it happened overnight. It takes time to undo all the damage, and I’m sure the fact that I am still on a little of the medication hampers that whole process.

When Justice took over my care she really emphasized diet which was something I really needed. I have learned so much from her that I thought I knew but didn’t. My blood pressure started dropping to the point where my Cardiologist ( which Justice nor Dr. Smith have never told me to stop seeing ) has started tapering my medication ( less than half of what I was taking ) and has commended me for seeking a natural path to health. At one point the Cardiologist tried to put me on Statin drugs to lower my cholesterol. After reading the side effects and talking to Justice I decided to go the natural way. The combination of my diet, a little exercise, and a couple of supplements nearly knocked my Cardiologist off his feet when he saw my test results. LDL down, HDL up, Triglycerides way down. He was so impressed he asked me to tell him how I did it ( which I gladly did ! ).

At this point my weight is down 30 lbs, blood pressure down ( hopefully enough to start tapering off the drugs even more ) I sleep better, and I am focusing on the other things that shouldn’t be happening at my age ( 59 ). Justice has been a real inspiration and her knowledge is unbelievable. I truly believe that I have added years to my life because of her guidance. I know that I still need my Cardiologist, as does Justice. But had it not been for her and Dr. Smith, I am confident that I would not be as healthy as I am right now. I would 100% recommend her services.  Kirk R.

I have added years to my life because of Justice’s guidance!

I am very confident in Justice and have have been recommending her to my family and friends for at least 2 years now. She is very bright, patient and a good listener. I was a very tough case for her, but she was committed to working toward getting my health back on track.  We did have to try several different protocols, some worked and some didn’t, but she always had a backup plan. I am feeling much better, thanks to her and will continue to work with her for any other health issues that come up.  Jody H.

Justice is bright, patient and a good listener.

For most people, Justice is where people end up at the end of their health journey when it can be too late. Following that logic, I am of the mind of why not start with a deep understanding of my health and take control from the beginning, so I see Justice for general health.

I highly recommend Justice as she is kind, helpful, knowledgeable and I trust her with my health, which is VERY important to me!  Isha D.

I trust Justice with my health!

I’ve been seeing Justice for a little over 6 months now. When I came to her, saying I was an emotional mess, is an understatement. I was frustrated with not feeling well, constantly being in pain and no one understood. Justice took the time to listen, explain some things about my condition- more so than anyone else ever had. I now understand my condition better, which is extremely important. She went over the questionnaire and asked me some more questions, then started me on some all natural supplements. Of course, it took some time to start feeling better, but I did after about a month. She also ran some other tests & we found out some other issues (which a Dr also confirmed) so now we are treating those as well. I am starting to feel better all the way around and it’s thanks to Justice. She is very knowledgeable, caring and most important, she listens. I would & have recommended her to multiple friends/family.  Melissa P.

I was an emotional mess… but now am feeling better all around thanks to Justice.

Justice is an angel. Always available, I can contact her anytime and expect a response with amazing recommendations. She is continuously educating herself so she can continue to help people the best that she can. XO  Cari Ormsby

Justice in an angel!

I send all my clients and friends who can benefit from her work. Not one person has been disappointed with the life-altering insights and information they get. Everyone needs to see her at least once.  Eric E.

Life altering insights… everyone needs to see her at least once.

If you are looking for someone that genuinely cares about you and your health, you’ve come to the right spot. If it wasn’t for Justice I would still be living in constant pain and not have my two beautiful children. I can not thank her enough for her knowledge, kind heart and willingness to go above and beyond to get me healthy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  Kayla P.

If it wasn’t for Justice, I’d still be living in constant pain.

Where do I begin?! For starters, Justice is super knowledgeable and personable and just a delight to work with! For years no one could figure out what was wrong with me and the doctors kept running test after test with no prevail and it was so frustrating and confusing. My best friend introduced me to Justice and within a matter of days I got an appointment and started my new health journey. I love the fact that she does Skype appointments as well as in person! And she actually cares about her clients!! Like a lot!! She isn’t going to prescribe you anything she doesn’t personally know about, and it’s all natural supplements so you don’t have to worry about crazy side effects. She has quickly become a friend as well as my doctor and she celebrates with you as you get better, and if something isn’t working out she helps you figure out a new plan. She also is very quick with responses on emails and is willing to answer every question you have, no matter what. If you have any health issues, she is your girl! I owe a lot to Justice!!   Kaylynn G. 

Justice is a delight to work with