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I had been having some strange symptoms for a few months. Inability to stay focused. Always tired. Weight gain in unusual places.
A visit to my M.D. resulted in a $1250.00 blood test that found my level of testosterone low. At my follow-up visit to the M.D., he wanted to prescribe testosterone supplements. I was uncomfortable with that and told him that I would rather find out WHY it was low. He said there was nothing further he could do to find out why.

So I came to see Dr. Smith. After a visit and a saliva test from ZRT Labs I found out EXACTLY why my testosterone level was so low.

The summary of the ZRT saliva test stated that the only way my level could be so low was if I was taking progesterone supplements (which I am not) or if I often come in contact with someone using topical progesterone cream.

I immediately asked my wife what that cream was that she puts on her arms at night, and, bingo, progesterone.
Apparently progesterone promotes cortisol which inhibits testosterone.
I can only imagine what would have happened to me if I had started taking the testosterone supplements.

Thank you Dr. Smith for your wisdom and insight ( and your humor is right up there too). For a fraction of what western medicine’s finest charged me, I got to the root of the issue.


Hormone Issues

I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

After more than eight years living a medical nightmare; I went to see Dr. Hugh Smith.

It didn’t matter if I was being treated by my primary and/or specialty physician. Nothing worked, and tests conducted did not indicate justification for the severity of my symptoms suffered.

I finally told my doctors “Get rid of this, or you will provide me round trip/all expenses paid trip by you to the headquarters of the American Medical Association for MY name (a new condition) to be printed in their next edition of their books”. They just laughed at me. I knew when I got laughed at that the doctors wouldn’t be of any further assistance for me. I was done with them.

Dr. Hugh Smith did what none of my physicians could do. He treated me accordingly.

Dr. Hugh Smith made all of the difference in the world!! Thank you Dr. Smith!! You have been a tremendous help to the improvement of my health!! I couldn’t have had the significant health improvements without your assistance!!


VH, El Cajon
July 1, 2011

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I have been in a wheel chair for 14 years, diagnosed with MS. After three weeks on Dr. Smith´s protocol of TrimaZyme and Samento, I began taking baby steps without a cane. I´d buy a 747 if Dr. Smith told me to.

C.K. , Carson City, Nevada

Multiple Sclerosis

I have had migraine headaches since I was 19 years old and now I am 51. After several doctors and almost 20+ years later we finally happened on to a drug called Maxhalt MLT that finally worked. As soon as the pill wore off 8 hours later the headache was back. I could only get 6 pills at a time so I was often standing in line at the drug store with a raging migraine trying to get more medicine and at considerable expense.
Dr. Smith happened to be in Sonora at our local Country Health Store doing a lecture. I went to see him and HE told me about my headaches not the other way around. He said he could get rid of those for me and I am thinking yeah buddy that’s what they all say. Then I thought what do I have to lose but a little more money. So I said, “How long do I have to do take this stuff”? “One month”. One month, okay, so Dr. Smith lead me around this little store and picked out all the good brand names and finding me the best deals to boot. Well that was on February 2,! 2006 and I have been migraine free ever since. Once in a while I will get a little headache but nothing an aspirin won’t cure immediately. I have since been to another person who does basically the same type of work as Dr. Smith but it wasn’t the same. Dr. Smith really cares about you and it shows.
Thank you Dr. Smith and when you come up with something to help us for our eyes let me know! 🙂


B.D. Soulsbyville CA

Migraine Relief


I am forever grateful for your help.You gave me a list of herbs/vitamins to order.  I took them for six months and got the results you said I would.

I did not change my diet, yet my weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure are wonderful…this is the report I just received from my doctor today.  My bone density test showed improvement..I am 64 years old.

Hope to see you for another test when I visit California.  I pray all is well with you and your family.

Thanks, again.

SLG, Bellwood IL
June 14, 2011

No Diet Change….Weight, BP, & Cholesterol Wonderful