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Addressing Infertility With Natural and Alternative Health

Posted on Posted in Women's Health

For many women, having a baby is the simplest and most natural thing possible. But for others, it seems impossible. Today, medical science offers many high-tech interventions for infertility. But before you go that route, make sure you talk to a naturopathic fertility specialist. The root cause of your infertility may turn out to be something you can address with natural, noninvasive therapies, dietary changes, or simple lifestyle adjustments.

Fertility is controlled by a vast set of complex factors, including hormonal balance, ovary health, general nutrition, environmental toxins, body weight, and the physical structure of the uterus and fallopian tubes. If your body determines that there is enough of an imbalance to make pregnancy a risk, it can turn your fertility “off” until conditions improve.

In addition to the specific hormonal and nutritional imbalances your naturopathic practitioner will help you with, there are many other safe and natural ways to help boost your fertility.

Yoga for Fertility

There is a definitive link between increased stress and decreased fertility. Yoga can be a safe and gentle way to reduce stress. Plus, exercises like yoga increase blood flow around your body – including your reproductive organs. It’s a great way to make sure the nutrients in all that healthy food you’re eating get to where they’re needed!

Acupuncture is for Guys and Gals!

Numerous studies have shown that acupuncture reduces stress, decreases inflammation, lessens anxiety, improves the symptoms of depression, and can help restore natural hormone balance – all of which are important in conceiving naturally. Interesting fact – a recent look at acupuncture in women also undergoing IVF showed an incredible boost of 65% in pregnancy success! Acupuncture can also help improve male reproductive health – which is great since about 20% of infertility issues are related to the male partner alone.

Massage your Fallopian Tubes?

Yes! There is actually a form of deep tissue massage that is targeted at your reproductive organs. While there is not any hard-core scientific evidence yet that deep tissue massage can resolve fallopian tube blockages, we do know that it reduces stress, lowers heart rate, and makes connective tissue (fascia) healthier. Besides… who doesn’t love a great massage?

Hypnotherapy Works, too

No. You can’t hypnotize yourself into getting pregnant. But, that’s not what hypnotherapy is really about, anyway. A licensed clinical hypnotherapist will help you “unpack” all of the difficult emotions and beliefs swirling around your fertility troubles. By helping you replace these negative thoughts and feelings with more positive and confident ones, your hypnotherapy sessions will serve to greatly reduce your stress and anxiety. Just like with acupuncture, women undergoing IVF achieve a nearly double rate of success when also seeing a hypnotherapist.

If you are having difficulty conceiving, don’t give up hope yet. Reach out to us to learn how to balance your hormones naturally and take better care of the amazing body you’ve been given.

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