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Home Remedies for Summertime Woes

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Summertime means more time outdoors being active and enjoying the beautiful world we live in. But that also usually means more bumps, bruises, stings, and burns. It’s always a great idea to carry a basic first aid kit around with you – band-aids and alcohol wipes are usually enough. But when summer fun starts to “hurt”, you may need more. Here’s our list of favorite summertime home remedies*:

  1. Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear is an infection in the outer ear that develops when water gets trapped in the ear canal, allowing bacteria or fungus to grow. The best way to treat swimmer’s ear is to not get it in the first place! After swimming, tilt your head to the side and drip in about a teaspoon of a solution that is half white vinegar and half alcohol. Then tilt the other way to drain it out. This will rinse out the water and clean the ear canal. Repeat for both sides.

If swimmer’s ear has already developed, you can use garlic! Grate three medium cloves of garlic into a shallow dish and cover with olive oil. Let it sit overnight so the antibacterial properties of the garlic diffuse into the oil. Strain out the pieces of garlic and apply three drops of the oil to the affected ear morning and night. Carefully spread the oil down into the ear canal by massaging just below your ear.

If you suspect an inner ear infection or have a history of a ruptured eardrum, do not put anything in your ear. Go see a medical professional for an evaluation.


  1. Scrapes and minor cuts

Carefully clean the scrape or cut with cool water and pat dry. Apply pressure with a clean cloth until the bleeding has stopped. Then apply a thin layer of honey. Honey has natural antibacterial properties and dries to form a natural band aid! Manuka honey from New Zealand seems to be the best. You can get it at most health food stores.


  1. Athlete’s Foot

Hot, busy days often mean wet, sweaty feet. The perfect environment for developing athlete’s foot. Before you fork over big bucks for antifungal creams at the drug store, try washing your feet morning and night with a sugarless antiseptic mouthwash. It may sting a bit at first, but your athlete’s foot should start going away in a few days. Bonus! This works for toenail fungus, too… but it will take a bit longer, and may need to be evaluated for further treatment*.


  1. Sunburn

If you got a little too much sun, try some plain oatmeal in your bath! You can get colloidal oatmeal at the pharmacy or just grind some plain oatmeal into a fine powder in your blender. Add a cup to a lukewarm bath and soak for a bit. There are anti-inflammatory chemicals in the oatmeal that help relieve the sting of sunburn. Oatmeal also inhibits the release of prostaglandins – the molecules in our bodies that dilate blood vessels and accelerate the redness and pain of sunburn.

You can also head over to our Facebook page for more recipes to help alleviate the effects of a sunburn, like black tea, white vinegar, and aloe!  Harmony Health Inst. Facebook 


  1. Jellyfish stings

Keep your pants zipped up! Urine doesn’t work… but white vinegar does. As soon as you are stung, get out of the water and wash the area with vinegar. It will begin to alleviate the pain very quickly. Avoid using water (salt or fresh) to wash the area because this will only reactivate the venom. Remove any visible tentacles from the area and wash with vinegar again to deactivate the microscopic stinging cells that are still clinging to your skin. The sting area may be red and welted for several weeks and an itchy rash may linger for longer than that. During the healing process, keep the area clean and apply an antiseptic ointment as needed.


  1. Dehydration

You can lose a great deal of water when outside on a warm day, even if you do not feel like you are perspiring a lot. Keeping water handy is a must. But what if you are starting to show signs of dehydration, like headache, dizziness, dark urine, and a dry mouth? Before reaching for the food-dye laden sugar water in popular sports drinks, grab a carton of coconut water!  It’s the purest liquid on earth next to pure water and is packed with electrolytes and minerals to restore your internal hydration balance. So, if you’re feeling a bit woozy after an afternoon in the sun, seek out some shade and sip on a tall glass of cold coconut water!

We hope you are having a fun and safe summer! Remember, Harmony Health can be part of your healthy lifestyle this summer, too! Call or click below for an appointment today.




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