The Harmony Team

Justice Naccarato, Traditional Naturopath

The Tradition Continues, Justice Naccarato (Dr. Smith’s daughter) has been involved in clinical work since her junior and senior high school days where she assisted her father in his research.

She resided with her husband Brian in Washington State where they conducted a successful thermography clinic. Doctors and hospitals call upon her expertise to assist in complimentary adjuncts to mammography.
Now, she has moved to San Diego to carry on the family tradition of Nutritional counseling and Traditional Naturopathy.

In addition to her degree in Human Development from Penn State, she holds certifications in Complementary Alternative Medicine, Traditional Naturopathy, and Clinical Thermography, and is always striving to attain the most knowledge possible to help her clients.

Justice takes pride in teaching her clients how applying natural lifestyle approaches can act to facilitate the body’s own natural healing and health building potential. While her focus is whole body health and restoration, her passion is in natural hormone balance and women’s health issues.



Jody Holloway, C.N.C

Jody Holloway works closely with clients and medical professionals to create individualized programs for specific body types and health issues

Her priority is helping you to achieve your personal goals, whether you want to lose weight… increase your energy… reduce pain… cleanse your body of toxins…improve your mood and or lower stress.

Jody’s passion for nutrition and alternative healing has led her to become a Certified Nutrition Consultant through the National Healing Institute College. She combines her in-depth, up-to-the-minute knowledge of the restorative power of nutrition and healthy living with scientific training in Medical Technology (B.S.) and Microbiology (B.S.), and possesses an MBA in Technology Management.

In addition to all of the above she is also certified in Laughter Yoga. Laughter, as we all know, is powerful medicine!

Using the healing power of nutrition, she can effectively tackle troublesome problems you may have, like gluten insensitivity, nagging sugar cravings, hypothyroidism and insulin resistance.  Plus constipation and digestive complaints, and many other issues.


Keisha E. Campbell, RN, BSN Health Consultant, Doula and Life Coach

As a doula, I provide prenatal and postpartum support and coaching for pregnant women and new parents. I assist with birth plans, hormonal support, nutritional adjustments, and lactation counseling. As a registered nurse, I am able to assess and provide traditional and holistic health consultations for my patients.

As a life coach, I help my clients of all ages and stages of life to get “unstuck” by assisting them in setting personal, professional, and relationship goals while moving forward in creating the life that they want to live! I administer a comprehensive personality assessment to each of her clients. Based on the results and interpretation of the assessment, I am able to develop individual and specific strategies, that are aligned to your unique personality , to help you achieve your goals.This technique produces guaranteed results!!

I am also a motivational speaker, blogger, and author. However, when I am not writing or coaching, I am schlepping my three kiddos around like an UBER driver, or watching the Food Network, wishing I was best friends with one of those women so they could invite me over for dinner!!


Dr Hugh Smith ( RETIRED )

Dr. Hugh Smith is an internationally recognized researcher in mycoplasma and cell wall deficient form research. He has written numerous articles in journals and health magazines regarding parasites, mycoplasmas and cell wall deficient forms.
His observations isolated many conditions for which there was little that mainstream medicine could diagnose or reverse.

He has been a consultant to numerous M.D.’s from around the globe and has performed research for such notable physicians as Dr. Robert Atkins, Dr. Patrick Fratellone and many doctors refer patients to Dr. Smith.

Thousands of clients have had success using Dr. Smith’s protocols for help with chronic diseases such as MS, IBS, Parkinsons, Cancer and a host of conditions which seemed hopeless.

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