Vitabuddy Launch! Vitamin Resource Phone App

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Another update: Dr. Hugh has officially retired and has been enjoying his time off traveling the globe!  We know many of you will be disappointed and miss him as much as we do, however, Justice is available for consulting with his past clients and friends. She is excited to take care of you and your loved ones just as Dr. Hugh did. Dr. Hugh has also worked very hard to help bridge the gap of his retirement. More info on that below.

Dr. Hugh has also asked us to update you on a couple of wonderful things. As many of you are aware, Trimazyme was unavailable for a time while some things were worked out with the lab that makes it. We know that many of you really missed it, and we can’t blame you. It’s finally available again! YAY
Finally, here is a little note from Dr. Smith:

Some of you have lamented my retirement, and we do miss you as well. We have addressed that issue by creating a free App for android called VitaBuddy. Now you can keep me close, in your back pocket. The App contains my recommendations for health issues based on my 35 years of helping clients with their health concerns. VitaBuddy was created by Diana and myself. (Well, she did the hard part). Not only is it free and easy to use but it is an updatable organic resource. You can request recommendations for conditions not listed, add your favorite health food store, or find one in your area while traveling. Photographs of the recommendations make it easy for you to go to a health food store and shop for what you need. If you prefer to buy online, you can purchase directly through Amazon.  In addition, you will find my informational booklets on the App. You can download it at via Google Play.