Wellness Services

Wellness Services

Wellness Screening

HHI screenings are in-depth, one-on-one analyses of your overall health, from the physical to personal. At the Harmony Health Institute, we believe that you are not just a collection of negative symptoms, but a whole person with a far wider range of requirements than can be addressed by standard testing. This is why our screenings address everything from how you feel to how you think and act in your daily life in order to tailor a program of healing that best suits you.

Fertility & Women’s Health

Complex issues deserve a personalized approach and expert attention. Issues surrounding fertility and women’s health are many, and their effects are far reaching. You don’t have to suffer. Let our resident Fertility Expert, Justice Naccarato, give you the care and dedication you deserve, and we’ll help you reclaim your health and wellness now.

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue is a widespread but sadly overlooked condition stemming from a range of underlying, and sometimes easy to ignore, problems. Unfortunately, it is possible to get so accustomed to a state of unhealthiness, that you start telling yourself that its normal. This is one of the primary characteristics of Chronic Fatigue; the slow build up of tolerance for health issues that drive you away from help. We’re here to help you break the cycle and finally stop the chronic pain and fatigue you’ve lived with but never thought you could overcome.


Migraines are a form of severe headache, affecting a large percentage of the population and are often excruciating to the point of debilitation. Evidence suggests that, though migraines can be hereditary in some cases, imbalances in hormones and environmental factors can be causes for their onset. At Harmony, we have tools necessary to effectively combat these underlying issues and return you to optimal functionality!

Nutrition Counseling

The foods we eat become the building blocks of our bodies. What kind of material do you need to build the best possible version of yourself? We’re here to help with that, and though there are basic rules to follow, everyone is different, and we want to customize a routine that fits best for you.

Virility & Men’s Health

You deserve the strength and vitality needed to be happy and healthy. If you experience low-energy on a daily or even semi-frequent basis; if you’ve noticed a sharp decline in your drive to be active, or if you simply don’t feel like you once did, you may need specialized care focused specifically on male biology. We can help you identify specifically male issues, and give you the attention you need to overcome them.